Freezing columns in File-Aid

While working in MS Excel we have the option of “freeze Panes”. By this options we can freeze some columns and have other columns scrolling. This feature is helpful in analysis when there are lots of columns(fields) in a file.

In mainframe too, we have similar such facility thru File-Aid.

1.Open the file in File-Aid
2. use VFMT format
3. If you want to freeze columns(fields) 1,2,3, and 6 and have the rest as scrollable issue the below command .

HOLD 1-3,6

VSAM record count using File-Aid

Whats the best way to count the number of records in a VSAM File?

  1. Choose FILE-AID Option 3.8.
  2. At the prompt of ….ENTER NEXT FUNCTION OR END , enter TALLY.
  3. You will get the record count.
  4. Type END to exit.

Find bad data using File-Aid

The Easiest and Coolest way to locate bad data is thru File-Aid’s FIND command.

  1. OPEN the file in FILE-AID (in either browse or edit mode) 
  2. XREF with COPYBOOK. 
  3. Use FMT mode. 
  4. Then issue the below command. 

F /field-name INVALID
F /field-number INVALID

The control will take you to the first invalid data record for the given field.

Example:The FILE has 3 fields namely NAME,AGE,COUNTRY. If you want to find the invalid data in the age field, then issue F /2 INVALID.

Copy a Dataset using File-Aid

The steps to copy a file using File-Aid are :

  1. Go to TSO/ISPF
  2. Open fileaid giving command as per your shop’s configuration
  3. Once FileAid’s Primary Option Menu is opened
  4. Choose Utilities
  5. Choose Copy
  6. Give source PDS/dataset name (in FROM ) you might need to provide volume serial number if it is not cataloged.
  7. Give destination PDS/dataset name (in TO) you might need to provide volume serial number if it is not cataloged.
  8. Choose the Disposition New if your TO is new dataset OLD for existing dataset
  9. Specify the properties of new dataset in “Allocate New SMS Dataset” It has to be similar to soure (record length/size/etc
  10. If you are copying form a PDS then it will ask which all members you want to copy to destination.
  11. Select members you want to copy and then hit return to confirm the members you have selected.
  12. PF3 out and see the message top right corner for the status of your operation.

Easy & Fast Editing of PDS using File-Aid

Projects do testing of their code multiple times before they move their code to production. Once the test JCLs are created. From the second run, we need to just change few qualifiers of the DSN and dates in all the JCLs.

The conventional method is enter each member of the JCL PDS and make the changes. If you are sure that you are gonna make common changes in all the members then go ahead and use the below technique.

1. Open FILE-AID
2. Option 3 UTILITIES
4. Provide details as present in Below Screen
5. If you want to select specific members in PDS, provide “Y” at the option  ”Display member selection list ===>” or else change it to “N”
6. Enter the data that you want to edit (00010101) from after CO and new data to be present (99991231) after EA as shown in the screen. And Press ENTER.
7. And then press PF3. The new screen will list out all the changes that will happen if you update.
8. Press PF3. In New screen, Provide “Y” at the field “Perform update           ===>” if you would like to perform Update. And press Enter.