Recovering Deleted Flat Files

Flat files can be recovered by following the below mentioned steps.

  1. Start 6 
  2. HLIST BCDS DSN(‘filename’) 
  3. Wait for the system notification
  4. Type the command HRECOVER ‘filename’ and wait for system notification

Different variations of HRECOVER are given below.

  • HRECOVER ‘filename’ recovers with same name
  • HRECOVER ‘old filename’ NEW (‘new filename’) recovers and assigns new name
  • HRECOVER ‘file name’ REPLACE recovers replacing a file with same name

The recovery might take some time. You should have HSM volume dump(s) of the volume(s) where the dataset resided for HRECOVER to work successfully. Else you will recive a message “BACKUP/DUMP COPY DOES NOT EXIST”.

Changing the Create or Update User ID

Usually the PDS or PS bears the ID of the creator or the ID of the person who modified it recently. It’s possible to change these ID values without leaving trace of one’s own ID.

In the command area against the member name or PS name, by giving ‘G’.

Dialog box will pop up allowing you to change the ID values