Filtering Jobs in Spool

There is a possibility to list only the jobs which has ABENDED, leaving out all other jobs in the spool.

For such a kind of listing, use the primary command FILTER on the command line as given in the examples below.

FIL MAX AB* - shows jobs that has ABENDS

Other Examples are:

FIL MAX ‘JCL ERROR’ - shows jobs that has JCL errors
FIL MAX NE ‘RC 0000’ - shows jobs with “exceptional conditions”
FIL MAX EQ ‘RC 0000’ - shows successfully completed jobs

If you want to switch off the filter, then issue FIL OFF

Rearrage SDSF Columns

If you want to rearrange the columns in SDSF.

  1. Go to SDSF;ST.
  2. In command line type “arr ?”.
  3. This will bring the complete list of SDSF column names.
  4. You can move the columns using “/” and “//”.

One Column in the SDSF that we can bring to the front position is the MAX-RC (which usual is the last column in SDSF ) which shows the completion code or the abend code of the job.