You would have came across a FTP application like FileZilla or WinSCP which you have used to access a FTP server. These are Windows based and you need to install them on your desktop if you want to use them.

As a developer I commonly come across some situations where I need to access a FTP server but not in the position to use the FileZilla or install it. And again I was today in that situation and did a small research to find an alternative approach.

I came across a web-based FTP application called MonstaFTP and it really helped me to achieve what I wanted.

Some words from the MonstaFTP website:

Say goodbye to desktop FTP software forever because Monsta FTP can connect you to any Windows or Linux server right from your browser, anywhere, anytime. Open source PHP/Ajax supports the latest HTML5 browser technologies to easily drag and drop files and folders from your desktop. Just 2 files to install and away you go, uploading, downloading, chmoding, renaming, deleting and editing.

The MonstaFTP script is 100% open source, has a compact installation, and shows what a HTML5 web application can offer with an easy installation process.


Some of the features of MonstaFTP script:

  • Open source GNU General Public License
  • Includes full PHP/Ajax source code
  • Written for programmers of all levels
  • Compact install of just 2 files (+ assets)
  • Supports FTP on Linux and Windows
  • Drag and drop files to upload and move
  • On-screen file editing
  • Multi-language support

The IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers are well supported. The official pages recommends Chrome browser for better visual performance and also states that IE version below 10 has limited support.

To have a look on how the application interface looks, you can have a preview at which is an official demo video.

Website Link :

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