French letters - modeles de lettres

Je voudrais partager quelques sites sur le sujet de “lettre”. OK, now in English. I would like to share some good website resources for writing all kinds of letters in French. - This site has good source of letters with more than 1000 models of letters. The letters are classified well under several categories for easy access and searching. This site has high quality content. You can even find some interesting stuffs on writing your CV in French.

This site gives good help on helping you write a good letter in French.The letters are covered under 5 categories namely:

  • Remerciement
  • Faire Part
  • Invitation
  • Condoleances
  • Felicitations

This site does not just give a full letter but also gives tips on various tips to use when writing a letter.

For example you can see how one writes a condolence letter to a friend at

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