Unlock Your Android Phone and Earn Money

Are you an smart phone user? How many times in a given day, you unlock your phone screen to work on it? Read the title of this article. Yes. You heard it right. You can earn some fortune when you unlocking your smart phone every time.

You would have been fed-up with the advertisements that you receive in many free Android apps. Application developers make money by forcing the users to live with the advertisements. But as the end user you don’t get paid for seeing the advertisements. Now the history is over.

Meet Locket, the android app that pays you every time when you unlock your smartphone.

The home screen( lock screen) of your phone is a large canvas which is never used for useful(!) purpose. Locket is a free Android app and pays you just for having ads on your lock screen.

Get Locket

The Locket App is now in Beta testing phase(at the time of writing this blog) and available for download from the Google Play store. They also give you $1 when your friend sign-up with Locket. Remember that they have to sign-up from the referral link specific to you. More referrals, More money. Moreover, they give bonus to random users.

Install the Locket app from Google Play store from the link Google Play Store Link.

You will need a PayPal account to receive the money that you have earned(!) by your hard work on unlocking your smart phone . :) BTW, opening a PayPal account is free.

For now, the Locket app can be used only in the United States. I hope in couple of months from now, they would be live and be an instant hit. Who would not love in this world to make money? :D

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